Big Beat 1/1999
Kannessa Matchbox, Boz Boores, Deltas ja Ranch Girls.


Francine: Curse Of The Playmate,


Wagtails: The Tall Tales Of

Ranch Girls: An Interview With

Stillmen: Go, Go, Go With

Matchbox ja Graham Fentonin pitkä tie


Omar & The Howlers: Messevän bluesin mestarit

Boz Boorer: An Interview With


4th Rock & Roll Ball, Hotelli Waltikka, Valkeakoski, 6.2.1999

Brian Setzer Orchestra, Hammersten Ballroom, NYC, 20.11.1998


Rollovers: Rockabilly Mission (Bluelight Records)

Marti Brom: Lassoed Live! (Goofin’ Records)

Halloween Hootenanny! (Zombie A-Go-Go Records)

Red Hot: Almost Live ’98 (omakustanne)

Doobie Twisters: Black Or White (Bluelight Records)

Groovey Joe Poovey: Greatest Grooves (Dragon Street Records)

Ace And The Ragers: Light This Sucker Up! (PUR)

Phantom Surfers And Davie Allan: Skaterhater (Look Out)

Freddy Frogs: At My Front Door (Nervous Records)

Johnny Legend: Bitchin’ (ID)

Sky Wings: Fly With… (Sky)

Ellis And The Angry Teens: Put The Blame On Alcohol (Goofin’ Records)

Tigermask Trash Au Go-Go (Dionysus)

Surfin’ Lungs: Splash Back (NTO)

Haywoods: Rockin’ By The Bay (Wormtone Records)

Lew Levis: Boogie On The Street Again! (ASK)

Sugardaddys: Genuine Rock & Roll, Live (SGD)

Francine: The Playmate (Bluelight Records)

Rattlesnakes: El Caballero (omakustanne)

Stillmen: Go! Go! Go! (Startone Records)

Blazing Haley: California Sleeper (Cooler)