Big Beat 5/1998

Kannessa Lou Cifer & The Hellions, Flying Saucers ja Deke Dickerson.


Doctor’s Order

Rat Cats

Van Go

Don Cavalli & The Two Timers


Deke Dickerson

Reach Around Rodeo Clowns: Whip It Out!

Hot Rod Trio

Simon Crashly And The Roadmasters


Runnin’ Wild


Jari Eklund: Syntyneet rokkaamaan (FT-Media)


Laika & The Cosmonauts, Tulliklubi, Tampere, 19.11.1998

1st Scandinavian Teddy Boy Rock & Roll Festival, Hotelli Kuninkaantie, Espoo, 14.11.1998

Ducktails Rock & Roll –club, Vernissa-Klubi, Tikkurila, 20.11.1998

57th Rock & Roll Jamboree, Aitoo, 5.12.1998


Deke Dickerson & The Eccofonics: Number One Hit Record! (HMG)

Guana Batz: The Peel Seasons (Vinyl Japan)

Charline Arthur: Welcome To The Club (Bear Family Records)

Wailers: Fabulous Wailers! (Norton Records)

Rat Cats & Karelia Military Band: Rebel (TCB)

Atomic Deluxe: Stories From The New West (CCPCD)

Simon Crashly & The Roadmasters: On The Right Track (Tail Records)

Black jacket Racket, vol 1 (SKL)

Jesse Al Tuscan And His Lumberjacks: All Dressed Up (Favourite Records)

Swingin’ Christmas (Daddy-O)

Matchbox: Comin’ Home (Box)

Hangmen: Tested On Animals (Bone Tone Corporation)

Voodoo Martini: Exotic And Mysterious, The Sounds Of (PF)

Satellites: Bop Tonight (omakustanne)

Gene Vincent: Hey Mama! (Rollercoaster Records)

Red Hot And Blue: Still Jumpin’ Around (Vinyl Japan)

Sureshots: Sure Hot (Tail Records)

Acid Connection: Buzz Bait (On The Hill Records)

Sonny George: Truckin’ Country (Spin)

Bricats: When I Look Into Your Eyes (Part Records EP)

Rockin’ Roosters: Bop With The Roosters (Part Records)

Kenny Love & The Rock-Erfellas: Rock-A-Billy Swing Thing (Ascap)

Sonics: Boom (Norton Records)

Rough Rockin’ (Favourite Records)

Blue Flame Combo: Blue Flame Rock (Planet Records)

Simon Crashly & The Roadmasters: On The Right Track (Tail Records)

Duetones: Just In Time (Cher)

Torello’s Jive Bugs: Get That Swing, Honey! (Rock)

Cowslingers: Gotta Kill My Baby! (Drink & Drive Records)

Bomber: Freight Train To Hell (Sörlem Baboons)