Big Beat 5/2011

Kannessa Hank III, Spud'n'Nick, Demented Are Go, Mike Herrera ja Velvet Candles.


Teddy & The Tigers studioon ja kiertueelle

Hank III tahtoo jo omat saappaat

Mike Herrera: Latino Punkster Goes Redneck Country

Johnny Spence & Doctor’s Order: Rokaten kohti Saksaa ja Star-Clubia

Spud ’n’ Nick: Rokkaavan duon yllätysisku

Demented Are Go: Miehistö vaihtuu mutta ei pääty

Velvet Candles & Tommy Hunt: Kunnioitus luo pohjan yhteistyölle

Uncle Cuppin 1950-luvun leffakerho: Monster From The Ocean Floor, It Conquered The World, Wiking Women, Not Of This Earth, The Wasp Woman


15. Rock & Roll Night, Rantasipi, Hyvinkää, 29.10.2011

Hold Fast, Vaakuna, Hämeenlinna, 26.11.2011

Stringbeans, Juttutupa, Helsinki, 13.8.2011

Goofin’ Weekender, Virgin Oil, Helsinki, 14.-15.10.2011

Screamin’, Pineda De Mar, Espanja, 31.5.-6.6.2011

Meteors, Virgin Oil, Helsinki, 8.10.2011


Clint Bradley: Cross A Soul With Silver (Spurdog Records)

Twangmasters: All Broke Down (omakustanne)

Candye Kane: Sister Vagabond (Delta Groove Music)

Little Victor: Boogie All Night (El Toro Records)

Double Six: Razors Edge (El Toro Records)

Uncle John Trio: For Your Pleasure (Goofin’ Records)

Jussi Syren & The Groundbrakers: Shave And Haircut (Goofin’ Records)

Southern Culture On The Skids: Zombified (Kudzu Records)

Hank Williams III: Attention Deficit Domination (Hank 3 Records)

Hank Williams III: Ghost To A Ghost/Guttertown (Hank 3 Records)

Hank Williams III: 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin’ (Hank 3 Records)

Johnny B.D & Gasoline Guys: It’s Good To Be Home Cowboys / Johnny Remember Me, single (Jupiter Stroll Records)

Hillbilly Flatbox (Jungle Records)

Teddy & Tigers: Number One / More Than I Can Say (Bluelight Records)

Lo-Lites: The Knock! (B-Top Records)

Foggy Mountain Rockers: Rock & Roll Philosophy (Part Records)

Mike Barbwire & The Blue Ocean Six: Camel Rock / The Surge (Sleazy Records)

Vision: Now We Have A Colour Television (Gas Records)

Infamous Instro-Monsters Of Rock & Roll (El Toro Records)

Shockwave: Death Race (Gas Records)

Al Casey: I’m A Guitar Man (El Toro Records)

Nolan Strong & The Diablos: For Old Times Sake (El Toro Records)

Bandera Doo Wop (Ace)

From The Ghetto: 29 Wild Rock & Roll And R&B Movers (Vee-Tone Records)

Bob Luman: Boston Rocker / Guitar Picker, single (Sleazy Records)

Johnny Nightmare: Kicking Satan Out Of Hell (Crazy Love Records)

Spellbound: Stir It Up (Drunkabilly Records)

Brains: Drunk Not Dead (Stomp)

Cosh Boys: Slow Times Comin: - EP, (Buttefly)

Restless: Got It Covered (Crazy Love Records)

Mike Bell & The Belltones: - EP (Goofin’ Records)

Little Richard: Rocks (Bear Family Records)

Brenda Lee: Rocks (Bear Family Records)

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight! (Bear Family Records)

Warner Mack: Baby Squeeze Me (Bear Family Records)

Louis Prima With Sam Butera & Keely Smith: Jump, Jive An’ Wail (Bear Family Records)

You Oughta See My Franny Dance (Bear Family Records)

Vin Bruce: King Of Cajun Music (Bear Family Records)

Duane Eddy: Road Trip (Mad Monkey Records)

Hot Rod Rhythm Boys: Introduction (Jupiter Stroll Records)

Arsen Roulette: My Lil’ Girl, Wise Guyz: Don’t Touch My Greasy Hair (El Toro Records)