Big Beat 5/2000

Kannessa Bill Haley & The Comets, Billy Hancock ja Doctor's Order.


Rock & Rollille uusi radio-ohjelma?

Tohtorin valepuvussa villiin vauhtiin

Ja alussa olivat The Cometsit!

Billy Hancock rokkaa taas

Brian Setzerille oma nimikkocruizer

Blues poweria pyttyyn


Rock & Roll And Rockabilly Party, Punainen Talo, Riihimäki, 4.11.2000

Club Sin, Tulliklubi, Tampere, 2.12.2000

Rockin’ Xmas, Kantri Star, Helsinki, 8.12.2000

Rock At Sea, Silja Line, 26.11.2000


Lota Red: Close To The Sun (Crazy Love Records)

Caravans: Return To Zero (Raucous Records)

Tear It Up: A Spanish Tribute To Johnny Burnette (TBCD)

Bailey’s Nervous Kats: Get Nervous (Ace)

Kid Ramos: West Coast House Party (Evidence)

Gazoo Bill: Fire On The Line (Crazy Love Records)

Ernie Maresca: The Original Wanderer (Ace)

Flea Bops: I’m Ready (Vinylux Records)

Bop Pills: Devil Girl From Mars (Raucous Records)

Arousers: Princes Of Penetration (Racous Records)

Groovy Eyes: High Flyin’ But No Foolin’ (Ram Bam Records)

Carlos & The Bandidos: - (Goofin’ Records EP)

Satellite V: Groove Juice (Hopalong Records)

Red Hot: Usual Thing (Bluelight Records)

Jett Darren & The Doggone Riders: Foolish Thoughts (omakustanne)