Big Beat 4/2004

Kannessa Marti Brom, Shaun Young ja Carlos & The Bandidos.


Mala & Gas Station: Retro-Revival Hot Rod Rock & Roll

Johnny D. & The Knuckledusters: Jaw Breakin’ Rockabillies

Marti Brom: Mean Mean Mama

Shaun Young: Texas Cat Music

Reverend Horton Heat: Tearin’ Down The Highway For Fun

Carlos & The Bandidos: Viva La Mexibilly-Revolucion!

Dulcie Younger: Kitty, Kitty… Growl!

Cousin Vern´s Drive-In Movie Jamboree: Wild On The Beach, Teenage Rebel, Play It Cool, Untamed Youth, They Saved Hitler’s Brain


Blasters, Tavastia Helsinki, 21.9.2004

5th Scandinavian Teddy Boy Weekend, Stadin Tähti, Helsinki, 24.-25.9.2004

Showdown Rock & Roll Club, Rytmi-Katti Kouvola, 21.8.2004

Rockabilly Freakshow, Laajavuori, Jyväskylä, 9.10.2004

Rock & Roll Ball, Waltikka, Valkeakoski, 4.9.2004

Rockin’ 50’s Night, Wäiski, Helsinki, 1.7.2004

RamaLamaDingDong, Liinakko, Kajaani, 7.8.2004

Teddy Guitar + CIA, Sir Oliver, Helsinki, 17.9.2004

Screamin’ Summer Holidays, Calella, Katalonia, 5.-14.6.2004


Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: Live (Big Bad Records)

Blasters: Going Home (Shout)

Shaun Horton & The Tennesee Trio: Nothin’ But Right (Raucous Records)

Dulcie Younger & The Silencers: Kitty, Kitty… Growl! (Golly Gee Records)

Sue Moreno & The Flaming Star: Drivin’ On The Highway Of Love (Rarity Records)

Butchers: Mad On The Highway (UPBS)

Meteors: The Lost Album (Raucous Records)

Lonesome Dragstripers: Pro Modified (Part Records)

Roadracers: V-8 Fever (RRCD EP)

Rebels’ Revenge: Wild Bunch Boogie (Old-Rock Records)

Runnin’ Wild: Dig That Nylon (Part Records)

Foggy Mountain Rockers: WanTED: Six Rockin’ Men (Part Records)

Nitemares: Here Comes… (Sleazy Records)

Grand Arena Rock & Roll Party 2004: Live (Rumble Bros)

Hi-Risers: Lost Weekend (Spinout Records)

Cruisin’: Sixpack (Part Records)

Roy Kay Trio: Knockin’ Em Back (Lur Liner Records)

Big Bad Shakin: Bad At Being Good (Raucous Records)

Doctor’s Order: Shut Up, Doc! (DOC)

J.C. Lee: Tokyo Heat (Nervous Records)

La Ruta De Americana (BD)

Dear Johnny – A Tribute To Cash (Hairball 8 Records)

Hopped Up!: Get Gone (Rhythm Bomb Records)

Blueflames: Juke (Raucous Records)

Velvetone: Switchback Ride (Crosscut Records)

Vegas Valentinos: High Octane Rock & Roll (Loaded Dice Records)

Jimmy Cavallo With Ron Spencer & Jumpstart: The Houserocker (Crosscut Records)

Mad Men: It’s A Mad mad World (Rhythm Bomb Records)

Riff Ridin’ (El Toro Records)

Too Late To Be Good (El Toro Records)