Big Beat 1/2012

Kannessa Tommy Hunt, JD McPherson, Lucky Bullets, Basementones ja Sharks.


Etta James: Seinäkukkanen on poissa

Al Urban: Gonna Be Better Times

Vidar Busk: Kaiken takana on boogie woogie

Shoebox Revue: Blue Rhythms & Rollicking Riot

Basementones: Ykköset päällä kellariin möyryämään

Tommy Hunt: Omille siivilleen noussut Flamingo

JD McPherson: Suuri menestys odottaa nurkan takana?

Lucky Bullets: Setti uusiksi Suomea varten

Sharks: Hait ovat palanneet

Uncle Cuppin 1950-luvun leffakerho: Marihuana, Man With The Golden Arm, Flamin’ Teenage, Hooked, Narcotic Story


Hypnomen, Liberte, Helsinki, 14.1.2012

High Rockabilly, Calafel, Espanja, 8.-11.9.2011

Deke Dickerson, Malmitalo, Helsinki, 31.1.2012

Remu + Hurriganes, Tavastia, Helsinki, 9.12.2012

Psychobilly Invasion, Nosturi, Helsinki, 2.12.2012

Psychobilly Invasion, Klubi, Tampere, 3.12.2012

Ladybug Rock & Roll Weekender, Vesileppis, Leppävirta, 3.-4.2.2012

Rockabilly Jamboree, Klubi, Turku, 29.12.2012

Rockin’ At The Ritz, Iskelmäbaari, Tampere, 4.2.2012


Gizzelle: Rhythm & Soul (Wild Records)

Peggy Sugarhill: Rockabilly Music Is Bad Bad Bad (Bear Family Records)

Ruby Ann: Mama’s Back (Rhythm Bomb Records)

Jenny Woo: Alberta Rose (Randale Records)

Annette Summersett Feat. Pete Cyrry & His Orchestra: Love That Man, EP (Migraine Bop)

Nitus & The Rollin’ Dice: Way Down  To Graceland (Part Records)

Jo Stance: Jo Stance (Ricky-Tick Records)

Bonsai Kitten: Welcome To My World (Wolverine Records)

Sir Psyko & His Monsters: Till The End (Crazy Love Records)

Graveyard Johnnys: Songs From Better Days (Wolverine Records)

Ghost Town Hangmen: - (omakustanne)

Basementones: Gambler (Jungle Records)

Torment: Live At The Klub Foot (Trophy Records)

Belmont Playboys: Complicated Life (Jungle Records)

Headers: Don’t Be Talkin’ Smack! (Label Recording)

Ernie V. & Steady Rollers: Rock Steady With, EP (Migraine Bop)

Jerry Williams: Alright (Universal Music)

Chris Isaak: Beyond The Sun (Vanguard)

A-Phonics: Mediterrani Beat Guitars (Sleazy Records)

Vidar Busk & His Bubble Of Trouble: Troublecaster (Blue Mood)

Crybabies: Be All Mine (Wolverine Records)

Blasters: Live 1986 (Rockbeat Records)

Trini Lopez: Sinner Not A Saint (Ace)

Ace Story, volume 3 (Ace)

Johnny Otis Story, Vol 1: Midnight At The Barrell House 1945-57 (Ace)

Ray Harris And Friends (El Toro Records)

Dore Story: Postcards From Los Angeles 1958-1964 (Ace)

Further Mellow Cats & Kittens: Hot R & B And Cool Blues 1946-51 (Ace)

Jimmy Donley: In The Key Of Heartbreak (Ace)

Charlie Rich: It Ain’t Gonna Be That Way (Ace)

Joel Paterson & Lester Peabody: Biscuitboarding / Boo-Wah Blue (Goofin’ Records)

Slim Harpo: Rocks (Bear Family Records)

Jumpin Low Down Dudes: Story 1993-2011 (Jupiter Stroll Records)

Dangermen: Meet The Men Of Danger (Gas Records)


Meteors: Pure Evil Live 30th Anniversary Figurine Deluxe Set (People Like You Records)