Big Beat 2/2000

Kannessa Blue Moon Boys, TT's, Barnshakers, Black Knights ja Jam Rock Band.


Calella - Rockin In The Sun

Part Records 10th Birthday Bash

Blue Moon Boys: Get It Up And Go

TT’s: Prätkärokkia parhaimmillaan

Barnshakers: How Hep Can You Get?

Jam Rock Band: Ei liian vanha rokkaamaan!

Black Knights: Terror Teds From Sweden

Jari Eklund: Rokkarit


6th Rock & Roll Ball, Waltikka, Valkeakoski, 4.3.2000

Rock & Roll Party, Iisoppi, Nokia, 26.2.2000

62nd Rock & Roll Jamboree, Honkala, Aitoo, 1.4.2000

Hemsby 24, Hemsby, Norfolk, 10.-15.5.2000

Battle Of The Bands Vol.1, Top Hat, Korso, 25.2.2000

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, musikaali


Mack Stevens: Texas Heat (Rollin’ Rock)

Jime: Mean Side Of Town (SMP)

Bourbonaires: A Shot Of Bourbonaires (HOWL)

Bobby Cochran: Private Edition (Prived)

Graham Fenton’s Matchbox: Rockabilly Rebel (Raucous Records)

Stingers: Dark Karma (Crazy Love Records)

Adjusters: Rough Stuff (omakustanne)

Jive Time: Featuring Johnny Earle (CDTS)

Superhaps: James Cotton, Billy Branch, Charlie Musselwhite & Sugar Ray Norcia (Telarc)

Ray Campi: Rockabilly Ladies (ID)

Reverend Horton Heat: Spend A Nite In The Box (Time Bomb)

Black Knights: Yonder Comes A Sucker (BZ)

GG & The Magic Band: Gotts Ta Go (FR)

That’ll Flat Git It!, vol. 10 (Bear Family Records)

Sabrejets: Wild For Kicks (Immortal Recordings)