Big Beat 5/1999

Kannessa Vince Taylor, Buck Jones, Marti Brom ja Rollovers.


Buck Jones & His Rhythm Riders: Ridin’ Again With

Rollovers: Rockabilly Mission With

Marti Brom: In The Spotlight

Vince Taylor, Part 2: Rockin In France


61st Rock & Roll Jamboree, Aitoo, 5.12.1999

Las Vegas Grind, Gold Coast, Las Vegas, Halloween 1999

Buck Jones & His Rhythm Riders, Cruisin’ Bar, Turku, 17.11.1999


Don Cavalli: The Pharaoh (Tail Records)

Tiger Army: - (Hellcat Records)

Lou Cifer & The Hellions: Welcome To Rockville! (57 Records)

Neatbeats: Far And Near ( Monoaural Records)

Road Kings: - (Surfdogs Records)

Billy Bros. Jumpin’ Orchestra: Craze Radio Daze (AMBC)

Preston Rockabilly (Preston Records)

Radiotones: Gravel Road (omakustanne)

Dusty 45’s: Shakin’ Up (D45’s)

B.B. King: Let The Good Times Roll (MCA Records)

Atomic Bombshell: Sin City (Atom Bomb)

Haystack Hi-Tones: - (omakustanne)

Bovine: Customline (omakustanne)

Big Rumble: How Come It (BR)

Flaming Stars: Pathway (Vinyl Japan)

Marti Brom & Her Barnshakers: Snake Ranch (Goofin’ Records)

Rat Cat & Cosmic Girls: Christmas (RCCD)

Indigo Swing: Red Light (Time Bomb Records)

Trailer Park Casanovas: End Of An Era (Rock Therapy Records)

Midnight Sift: Working On The… (omakustanne)