Big Beat 2/1997

Kannessa Brian Setzer, James Intveld, Hi-Winders ja Slippers.



James Intveld: Rockin’ Country Man

Slap Sally Combo

Brian Setzer: Kustomized & Kool Big Band Sound

Hi Winders

Tall Boys

Here Comes The Rejects

Sweet Jeena & The Ding Dong Daddies


49th Rock & Roll Jamboree, Honkala, Aitoo, 17.5.1997

Slippers, Cafe 52, Helsinki, 6.6.1997


Big Bertha And The Bulldozers: Laka Tong (Bugli-Bax)

Link Wray: Shadowman (Ace)

Brian Setzer Orchestra: Guitar Slinger (Interscope)

Ranch Girls & The Ragtime Wranglers: Hillbilly Harmony (Goofin’ Records)

Teddy Boy Rock & Roll: 5th Anniversary (Pollytone Records)

Dominators: Rough Ride (Last Buzz Records)

Teisco Del Rey: Plays Music For Lovers (Upstart)

Legendary Raw Deal: Outlaw Man (Vinyl Japan)

Jake Voutilainen: Determination (Bluelight Records)

Surftones: Expose Yourself To Surfers (MP)

Darrel Highman & The Enforcers: Rockin’ At The Coconut Top (Crazy Love Records)

Hypnomen: Supersonico (Stupido Twins)

Flatliners: Rhapsody In Black (Crazy Love Records)

King Edward Teds: Teddyboy Forever (King Ed)

Rimshots: Planet Bop/Shut Up And Drink Your Beer, single (Vinyl Japan)

Husky & The Sandmen: Arabian Nights (Gas Records)

Playboys: Easy Rockin’ (Vinyl Japan)

Mad Heads: Psycholula (Crazy Love Records)

Atomics: Sterling Park Accent (Run Wild Records)

Helander Blues Co: Big Cold Beer (Bluelight Records)

Nekromantix: Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend (RMD)

Flamin’ 66: - (demo)

Rare White Boppin, vol. 1 (Vampirella Music)

Roadkings: Lone Star Hoedown (My Way Records)

Richard Taylor: Beyond Vanity (Run Wild Records)

Infernos: Local Boy/Fool (Goofin’ Records)

Speedos: Trip To Houten (Kinghat)

Rusti Steel & The Tin Tax: Railroadin’ Rhythm (BeBe’s Records)

Baltimores: Booze, Battle And Women (Pollytone Records)

Pirates: We’ve Been Thinkin’ (Bluelight Records)

Tranceplants: A Taste Of Things To Come (omakustanne)

Elvis: Still Alive (Vampirell Music)

Inoportunos: - (Masterdisk)

Aikka Hakala & Bandits: True Stories – Mostly (Bluelight Records)

Be Bops: Gonna Find Me A Baby / All I Need (Part Records)


Yann-Berthet: Pin-up, osa 1 (Like)

Thierry Liesenfeld: Gene Vincent – The Story Behind His Songs (Blue Gene Bop)