Big Beat 2/1999

Kannessa Ronnie Dawson, Kentucky Boys ja King Kerosene.


Housewreckers: Wreck & Roll With

Monsters: An Interview With The Beat-Man


Ronnie Dawson: Action Packed Adventures Of

John Whiteleather: Rottaturkista valkonahkaan

Kentucky Boys: 10th Anniversary Interview Of

King Kerosene


3rd Rockabilly Extravaganza, Tulliklubi, Tampere, 27.2.1999

58th Rock & Roll Jamboree, Aitoo, 17.4.1999

Fredrik’s Rock & Roll Trio, Kujasen Baari, Tampere, 30.4.1999


Levi Dexter: Rockabilly Idol (RR)

Housewreckers: Wreck & Roll (Goofin’ Records)

Red & The Pepperpot Boys: Rock-A-Bye Honey (Tomahawk)

Jump’n Jive (Aladdin)

Living End: Hellbound (Reprise Records)

Rockland Ladies: Introducing (Raucous Records)

Shadows Of Knight: Gloria (Sundazed)

Rick Hollow: Swing Your Hips! (MCG)

B.B. King: His Definitive Greatest Hits (MCA)

Johnny Reno: Dancers Only (Menthol)

Tabasko Kat: And Why Not? (TK)

Number Nine: Mood Swings (Jungle Records)

Dale Hawkins: Wildcat Tamer (Mystic Music)

Danny Dean & The Homewreckers: Move It (HDCD)

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: - (Interscope)

Monsters: Birds Eat Martians (Voodoo Rhythm)

Slingshots: Feels So Right! (Raucous Records)