Big Beat 2/2012

Kansi Johnny Jay Huhta, Omar Romero, Lucky Tubb, Shockwave ja Spellbound.


Timo Jämsen on poissa

Shockwave: Explosive Surfing Reverb Sounds

Ezra Lee: Piano rokkaa villimmin

Johnny Jay Huhta: Suomensukuinen panos rock & rollin kehitykseen

Western Toneflyers: Kotikutoinen western swing vie mukanaan

Omar Romero: Wild Recordsin luottotähti

Lucky Tubb: Pojasta Tubbi paranee

Rebound: Savipelloilta Pinedan aurinkorannoille

Spellbound: Vihreitten nummien sankarit

Relax Trio: Palkinnon arvoista nuorta vimmaa

Uncle Cuppin 1950-luvun leffakerho: Day The World Ended, Blood Of Dracula, Terror From The Year 5000, How To Make A Monster, Brain Eaters


Rock & Roll Ball, Waltikka, Valkeakoski, 31.3.2012

FRRS N. 30v., Top Hat, Vantaa, 17.3.2012

Sadoin Sähkökitaroin, Savoy, Helsinki, 3.2.2012

Stompin’ At The Savoy, Savoy, Helsinki, 14.4.2012

Hot Rod  & rock Show, Rodeo, Tampere, 28.2.2012

Teddy & The Tigers, Kerava-sali, Kerava, 21.3.2012

Barnshakers 20 vuotta, Kaisaniemi, Helsinki, 30.4.2012


Jack Rabbit Slim: Emperor’s New Clothes (Western Star)

Ronnie Dawson & High Noon With Lisa Pankratz: The Carnegie Hall Tour (Bear Family Records)

Harry Fontana & The Tennesee Tone Boys: American-Finnish Rockabilly (Harry Fontana Music)

Barnshakers: Whiskey River/Hollow Grave (Goofin’ Records)

Arsen Roulette: Dear You (El Toro Records)

Relax Trio: Shake & Roll (Jungle Records)

Criminal Records: Law, Disorder And The Pursuit Of Vinyl Justice (Ace)

Born To Be Wild: The Country & Rockabilly Roots Of Ray Campi (El Toro Records)

Screaming Gospel Holy Rollers Vol1: 22 Wild Gospel Screamers 1951-60 (Vee-Tone Records)

The Golden Age Of American Rock & Roll. volume 12 (Ace)

Please Give Me Something: The Roots Of The Stray Cats (El Toro Records)

El Mexican Rock & Roll, volume 2: 50’s Mexican Rock & Roll Recordings (El Toro Records)

Ike Turner: Jack Rabbit Blues: The Singles 1958-1960 (Secret Music)

Ray Harris & Friends: Missisippi Rockers (El Toro Records)

Werly Fairburn: My Heart’s On Fire (El Toro Records)

Rocket Morgan & Friends: Louisiana Rockers (El Toro Records)

Epileptic Hillbillys: Insanity (Western Star)

Demented Are Go: Welcome Back To Insanity Hall (People Like You Records)

Sharks: Infamy (Western Star)

Koffin Kats: Our Way & The Highway (I Hate People Records)

John Lindberg Trio: Hell Of A Ride (Enviken Records)

Beat Devils: Another Dream (Crazy Love Records)

Vulture Club: Mary Had A Little Lamb (Jungle Records)

Tommy Collins: Black Cat (Bear Family Records)

Wynn Stewart: Come On (Bear Family Records)

Wade Ray: Idaho Red (Bear Family Records)

Bonnie Guitar: Intimate Session (Bear Family Records)

Lee Emerson: It’s So Easy To Be Mean (Bear Family Records)

Miki Lamarr: Have I The Right (Bluelight Records)

Wise Guyz: Stay Cool (El Toro Records)

Rock Your Baby: 24 Red Hot Rompers For Children Of All Ages (Ace)

Jo’ Buddy & Down Home King III: Curly Mae Rock / Yo’ Mine All Mine (Ram-Bam)

Elvis Presley: Young Man With The Big Beat: The Complete ’56 Elvis Presley Masters (Sony)