Big Beat 3/2001

Kannessa Brian Setzer '68 Comeback Special, Nick Curran ja Rosie Flores.


Ready, Setzer, Go!

Nick Curran: Texasin bluestornado iskee tyylillä

Rosie Floresin kantrin kaipuu

The Long Trail Of The Honky Tonk Angel


3rd Scandinavian Teddy-Boy Rock & Roll Weekend, Kantri Star, Helsinki, 20.-21.7.2001

65th Rock & Roll Jamboree, Aitoo, 5.5.2001

Hemsby Rock & Roll Weekender, Hemsby, 10.-13.5.2001

Rock & Roll And Rockabilly Party, Punainen talo, Riksu, 4.5.2001

Screamin’ Summer Holidays, Calella, Espanja, 2.-9.6.2001

Midsummer Jamboree, Aitoo, 22.-23.6.2001

Summer Rock & Roll Party, Kaisaniemi, Helsinki, 7.7.2001

Rauma Blues, Rauma, 28.7.2001


Brian Setzer ’68 Comeback Special: Ignition (Surfdog Records)

Slap’n Cats: Ruby Red Lips (omakustanne)

Rockats: Rollin’ Thunder (Downer Records)

Irving Klaws: Pajama Party With… (Get Hip Records)

Mack Stevens: Twisted Home Demos, Cutting Boogie (Freedonia Records)

J.Leino & The Blues Guys: From Now On… (BGM)

Al Casey: A Man For All Seasons (Bear Family Records)

Bones Maki & Sun Dodgers: Blue Water Baby (Woodward Records EP)

Union Avenue: Ace Of Spades (Raucous Records)

Darrin Stout & The Starlighters: - (omakustanne)

Marvin Rainwater: Rock Me (Bear Family Records)

Radio Texas: - (KS)

Phil Trigwell: Del Rio Dan (Enviken Records)

Jimmy Ågren: Glass Finger Ghost (UAE)

Black Cat: Revenge (Hot Wax)

Black Cat: Strollin’ After Dark (Hot Wax EP)

Phantom 409: Hits You Like A Tumbleweed (Jungle Records)

Paladins: Palvoline No 7 (Ruf Records)

Stray Cats: Hollywood Strut (Raucous Records)

Steubenville Knights: The Royal Party (Jungle Records)

Wildkatz: Hand To The Throttle (Raucous Records)

Rhythmaires: K… Pat Boone (Big Hat Records)

Silver Bullets: Out At Least (Goofin’ Records)

Bo Weavil: Midnight Rumble With… (Lenox Records)

Restless: The Nervous Years (BeBe’s Records)

Boppin Pete & The Big Bang: Symphony No. 451 In F-Flat (Fool Music)

Fabulous Harmonaires: Of The World (Flipside EP)