Big Beat 2/2004

Kannessa Billy Lee Riley, Beetle Crushers ja Slap Sally Combo.


Streamline59: Steamabilly Choo-Choo Rules!

Ladies & Gentlemen: Jussi Andelin!

Quiff-Rock With Paul Roman 3

Gene Summers: Rocks It Right Again

Beetle Crushers: Flick-Knife Jive

Slap Sally Combo: Pystybassolla nirvanaan

Billy Lee Riley: Is Still Red Hot!

Cousin Vern´s Drive-In Movie Jamboree: Rock Around The Clock, Mister Rock & Roll, Hot Rod Gang, Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow, The Astounding She-Monster


Whistle Bait 20-vuotisbileet, Kaisaniemi, Helsinki, 10.4.2004

1st Grand Arena Rock & Roll Party, Grand Arena, Lahti, 28.2.2004

Pink T-Bird Rock & Roll Club, Top Hat, Korso, 20.3.2004

American Car Show, Messukeskus, Helsinki, 9.-12.4.2004

9th Rock & Roll Part, Iisoppi, Nokia, 27.2.2004

Wild Ones, Tallinna, Eesti, 5.3.2004

Hit Rod & Rock Show, Pirkkahalli, Tampere, 17.-18.4.2004

12th Rock & Roll Ball, Waltikka, Valkeakoski, 6.3.2004


Jimmy Lee Fautheree: I Found The Doorknob (EccoFonic Records)

Carlos Mejuto: I Ain’t Givin’ Up Nothin’ (Foot Tapping Records)

BR549: Tangled In The Pines (Dualtone)

Nu-Niles: Get Set…Go! (Alpina Records)

Rick Nelson: Rick’s Rarities 1964-1967 (Ace)

Nine Lives: Rocket (Jungle Records)

Streamline59: Dead End (omakustanne)

Caravans: Less Smoke More Powder (Tombstone Records)

Honeydippers: Honeydipper Stomp (Raucous Records)

Noisy Boys: What’s Damn Wrong (Blue Lake Records)

Rhythm Train: Back On Track (Country Elite Special)

No Depression: What It Sounds Like, volume 1 (Dualtone)

Robert Gordon: Satisfied Mind (Jungle Records)

Del Rios/Hot Rock: After The Wildcats (Rarity Records)

Cosh Boys: Be-Bop-A-Demo (CB Records)

Curly Phillips & The Nightriders: So Many Days (Enviken Records)

Eddy & The Backfires: Seven Nights To Rock (Rhythm Bomb Records)

Accelerators: Go Baby Go (Raucous Records)

Twistin’ Tarantulas: El Destroy (Adequate Music)

Poker Dots: Cocktail Swing (Vinyl Japan)

Nosey Joe & The Poll Kings (Enviken Records)

Rebel Tracks: Rockabilly Collection (Edel)

Beach Party Garpax Surf & Drag (Ace)